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Chase O'Neill

Director of Sales and Training

Chase is the dynamic and ambitious Director of Sales and Training at KO Safety Services, where he plays a crucial role in leading the sales team and developing comprehensive training programs. A dedicated local from Williston, Chase brings a strong sense of community and service to his role.


  • Professional Roles: In addition to his role at KO Safety Services, Chase oversees the operations of the sister company, O'Neill Fire & Supply.

  • Community Involvement: Chase is a committed volunteer firefighter, showcasing his dedication to the safety and well-being of his community.

  • Recognition: In 2024, Chase was honored with the prestigious "20 Under 40" award, recognizing his exceptional contributions and leadership in the industry.

  • Local Ties: As a lifelong resident of Williston, Chase is deeply invested in his hometown and its safety.

Chase's blend of professional expertise, community service, and leadership makes him a vital asset to KO Safety Services. His ambition and dedication continue to drive the company’s success and its mission to provide top-quality safety solutions.


Chase O'Neill
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