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Lane O'Neill


Lane is the visionary leader behind KO Safety Services, serving as its President, Founder, and Owner. A proud local of Williston and a dedicated Navy veteran, Lane brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to safety and service.


  • Military Service: Lane's time in the Navy instilled in him a strong sense of discipline, leadership, and dedication to safety.

  • Local Ties: As a lifelong resident of Williston, Lane is passionately committed to the well-being and safety of his community.

  • Professional Journey: Leveraging his military background and over a decade of experience in the safety industry, Lane established KO Safety Services with a mission to provide top-notch safety solutions.

Under Lane’s leadership, KO Safety Services has grown into a trusted name in the safety industry, known for its reliability and excellence. His dedication to both his profession and his community drives the company forward, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of all their endeavors.


Lane O'Neill
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